Sweet Home Pellet Grills
  • 2010 Barbecue Cook Off Winner

Outdoor Cooking Clean, Green & Natural

Sweet Home Pellet Grills offer a healthier alternative to outdoor cooking with charcoal or propane style cookers. Our grills burn pellets to produce a high quality "wood fired" grilling experience. With automatic temperatures ranging from 150 to 500F you can grill, smoke, bake, or roast virtually any meal. Imagine impressing the crowd with a holiday smoked turkey, pork tenderloin, or fish fillets. All with a true wood flavor. Even baking cookies, breads, and casseroles benefit from the natural flavor imparted by the Sweet Home Pellet Grill.

Cooking With a Touch of a Button

  • Sweet Home Pellet Grills

Nothing could be easier... Fill the hopper, plug it in, flip the switch, and your ready to cook in 12-15 minutes. The Sweet Home Grill uses 115V to power a simple motor, auger, and fan. Pellets are fed into a firebox and ignited by a Autolite system. The fan provides the air for combustion and circulates through the grill body cooking your meal. A digital control takes care of the temperature, start up, and even shut down worries. With a simple push of the control arrows you can raise and lower the temperature by 5 degree increments from 150 to 500F and watch the grilling temperature on the readout.

Sweet Home Premium Blend Pellets

Sweet Home Premium Blend

A perfect blend of choice hardwoods that subtly brings out the flavor of the food without overpowering it. Our pellets are oak based for higher heat and longer burn. They are 100% dust free which means you get to burn all of the bag and not most of it. Additionally Premium Blend Pellets are a true value a 25 lbs compared to the 20 lbs bag normally found.

Sweet Home Accessories

  • Remote Thermostat
    Remote Thermostat
  • Grill Cover
    Grill Cover